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Viruses on OpenRCT2 downloads.


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Ok so whenever i download any version of openrct2 windows defender is sending notifications about virus detected. I eventually try ignoring it but its not even letting me open the program. I scanned with malwarebytes and it found 5 threats. I also removed what was found by windows defender and it removed all the installed files from the openrct2 installer. I dont know if explained this well but please ask for details. Here is a screenshot of what malwarebytes found. There was nothing before i tried installing it.


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Dexty111: I got the same thing on my download, with windows defender on windows 10. Tried to download the win32 installer, and windows defender detected it with a trojan named "Win32/Occamy.C" It did not detect anything with in 64-bit installer. Which one did you get? the win32 one, or the win64 one?

But what got me a little worried is that I downloaded both of these files in parallel as I accidentally clicked to download the 32-bit installer first when I was actually going to get the 64-bit one. The 64-bit one finished first, so I launched it and was like mid way into installing before the 32-bit download finished with the message about the trojan.

Can you devs look into whether the 64-bit version may be also infected? This is the first time in perhaps 10 years that I detect malware in a file downloaded from a seemingly trustable source.


Edit: I also did a sha256 check on the file, and the checksum displayed on the web page, is the same as the actual file downloaded.

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Unfortunately this happens regularly, and are regarded as false-positives. It's good practice to re-check files using VirusTotal.com: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/9b79f965f5cf50cf6ffbc42e01f93891afafa382403cc2ce14f2b58d6dafb0b4/detection

I'm not sure if code signing, which we had in the past, helps preventing false-positives. But it is something that should be considered again.

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