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  1. With small rides and stalls, it is possible to press and hold Shift to raise or lower the ride above or below the ground. But the same thing does not work with rollercoasters and other track based rides. Is there a way to do it that I have overlooked, other than building a custom track from scratch? It would be useful in parks like RCT1's Thunder rock (although I can understand that some may argue it takes away some of the challenge, if you see it that way).
  2. Dexty111: I got the same thing on my download, with windows defender on windows 10. Tried to download the win32 installer, and windows defender detected it with a trojan named "Win32/Occamy.C" It did not detect anything with in 64-bit installer. Which one did you get? the win32 one, or the win64 one? But what got me a little worried is that I downloaded both of these files in parallel as I accidentally clicked to download the 32-bit installer first when I was actually going to get the 64-bit one. The 64-bit one finished first, so I launched it and was like mid way into installing before the 32-bit download finished with the message about the trojan. Can you devs look into whether the 64-bit version may be also infected? This is the first time in perhaps 10 years that I detect malware in a file downloaded from a seemingly trustable source. Edit: I also did a sha256 check on the file, and the checksum displayed on the web page, is the same as the actual file downloaded.
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