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Synchronize with non-adjacent stations

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Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (and other parks, I'm sure) had a dueling coaster (Twisted Sisters) that dueled, but did not have adjacent stations. They were about 20 feet apart and faced opposite directions. It would be cool to have this feature by having a dropdown where you could select a ride that it could duel with. Anyone explored this possibility?

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This sounds like an interesting idea. Another idea I have come up with is two synchronised stations that are 4 squares apart, with queue and exit lines running between the stations.

Expanding on this, I have also thought of synchronised block brakes and lift hills. I have tried a couple of Mobius coasters where the trains would be permanently desynched on the lift hill, due to having one train on a block brake later in the track, but the other track being 'free'. Usually this means having to run only 2 trains at once, but having synchronised block brakes and lift hills could allow 1) more trains to be used, 2) Mobius coasters with block brakes, where trains could resynch at the brakes if they are slightly out of time, or 3) A Mobius coaster with one station, but several synchronised sections.

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Interesting idea for sure, would be nice to implement directly into the ride window in OpenRCT2. 

I believe it's possible to do this already however, by using the tile inspector to copy and paste the first tile of each station next to the other station, and then using the normal synchronize option. You can then hide the copied tiles using a corrupt element.

NE Workbench 2017 by Louis! 2018-06-16 21-16-37.png

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