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Brent Sigma


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Brent Sigma is one of the world's lesser known oil platforms. At the end of its lifetime, it was decided to not sell it for scrap, but to keep it profitable by turning it into a theme park!

Guests can enter the park using an underwater pipe, or by using one of the transport boats. On the platform, guests can enjoy several attractions, like the signature double launch roller coaster called Sigma Twist, or they can plunge down into the sea using one of the diving life boats. At several places, they can change into one of the iconic orange colored Brent Sigma coveralls.

Several ROVs continuously monitor the seabed around the platform. It is rumoured that a pirate ship loaded with treasure once sank in this area.

Anyway, here's some screens:





A more zoomed out view:


A view without water:


Here's the NE link: https://www.nedesigns.com/park/4048/brent-sigma/

The park can be downloaded using this link: https://www.nedesigns.com/park/4048/brent-sigma/download/

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