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Platinum RCT2 logo for the title screen

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So I got an official Silver/platinum version of the RCT2 logo that I want to use on the title screen. This is an official logo, not a fan-made one. Ironically, it is not easy to find on the web. I am going to gift you this rare logo. Again, I can't find it on Google images. It was a part of the special goodies when I bought the GOG version of the game.

Hope you like the logo.

And can anyone tell us how we can replace the openRCT2 logo with a custom one such as this? Thsnks, and enjoy!

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Platinum.jpg

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The OpenRCT2 logo is saved in G2.DAT, so you could start by building the game, but replacing those sprites with this one. Before you do so, you'll want to make sure you convert the image to the rct2 color palette and resize it to a reasonable size. I'm sure there are a few other things you'd need to fiddle around with, but hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start.

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Check out this wiki page to see how you can use OpenRCT2 to build the g2.dat file: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Sprite-compiler You'll need to have the images from this folder: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/tree/develop/resources/g2. It looks like 0.png and 1.png are the ones used for the title screen. If the sprite compiler fails to get your image in, try running it through PNGGauntlet first.

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