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  1. Here’s the original RCT1 Theme you requested—it’s renamed to CSS50.DAT. Enjoy! css50.dat
  2. Hello! When I was playing the saved game Fun Spot Emporia on OpenRCT2, it crashed after I added a few more rides. This scenario contains some newly-released objects (a few new custom rides from SpaceK's CTR Christmas 2018 package). Thank You! 6108da80-c28f-4e0c-85e4-606d9c81654a(16b9c53_x86-64).dmp.gz Fun Spot Emporia.sv6
  3. You must have ran up against the current limitations inside the game (attraction limit, small scenery limit, large scenery limit, walls/roofs limit, ...).
  4. Will it have the Aztec-themed objects (stalls and paths) that were made?!?! Thank You!
  5. Hello again! Here are some gas station logos I did in Inkscape; then—converted each of them into the OpenRCT2 palette: ·EXXON (white rectangular with slim blue bottom bar and iconic red lettering) ·MOBIL (blue-edged white rectangular with iconic blue letttering, with a red <o>) ·SHELL [1] (the red-edged yellow sea shell logo on a red square block) ·SHELL [2] (the same as SHELL [1], but on a white square block) ·SUNOCO (a blue-edged yellow diamond-like shape, having a horizontal double-pointed bar, a blue-edged bold red arrow placed diagonally from top left to bottom right, and racy blur block lettering) May somebody make these?!?! Thank You! ORCT2_US-Exxon Gas Logo Sign.svg ORCT2_US-Mobil Gas Logo Sign.svg ORCT2_US-Shell Gas Logo Sign Red.svg ORCT2_US-Shell Gas Logo Sign White.svg ORCT2_US-Sunoco Gas Logo Sign.svg
  6. Hello! I've got quite a doozy for you!! I saw on YouTube about plans for Larson International (Plainview, TX) to build its 1st-of-a-kind twin-loop track with 2 separate trains (a Larson Super Looper sit-down train on the inner loop, with a 2-across/6-abreast inverted train on the outer loop) Super Crazy Looper for next year's season (2019) at Six Flags México City, sponsored in association with Koaster Kids (Logan Joiner's fan page on YouTube). Here's an introductory promo video featuring Logan Joiner and Alejandro Hernandez: Larson International's New Super Crazy Looper (Twin Track With 2 Trains) The inner (regular Super Looper) track would be blue with a white Super Looper sit-down train, while the new outer (an inverter-type) track would be red with an inverter-type coaster train (that'd also be white); the red outer track would be intergrated along the outside of the blue inner track, with both coaster trains stop down below upright to load/unload its passengers—meaning there would be twin stations for each train, along with separate entrances/exits. As far as building on with OpenRCT2, how would I go about it?!?! Would it involve 2 separate coaster track/train types (Looping Coaster and Inverted Looping [2-Seater])?!?! Would I concentrate on the blue inner loop 1st, then—the red outer loop 2nd... I'd want both train types to have a white background, with coordinating color seats and restraints; this new design also calls for an enclosed tunnel (which can be built using scenery). What'd you think?!?! Thank You!
  7. Hello! Some time back, Sebar and Ripper did their take on the Flying Fish compact steel (wild mouse-style) family roller coaster that used boxy fish coaster cars for its vehicles (they did the model that sits 2 per row, for a total of 4 passengers per vehicle); however, when I looked at some old photos from the old Pacific Ocean Park (POP), I saw that the fish vehicles POP employed were somewhat more slender and a bit longer, since these sat its 4 passengers for each vehicle one in front of each other! A close-up view of POP's famous Flying Fish roller coaster. A closer-up look at a Flying Fish coaster car at Pacific Ocean Park. &nbsp;Notice how this family of 4 were seated thereon. A scene of the Wildcat (originally Flying Fish) roller coaster that was once at Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island. A better snapshot of Rocky Point Park's family steel coaster during its Wildcat phase—notice its cars were rethemed in tiger stripes. Also at POP was the Mystery Island Banana Train family roller coaster that went through and along a man-made jungle mountain. Its trains looked like bamboo-walled cabins with the locomotive engine driving 'em from behind!! A look at POP's Banana Train going through Mystery Island's jungle mountain. &nbsp;Notice that the locomotive driving this train is connected out back—directly opposite from a normal train! The rear-driven Banana Train chugging and choo-chooing along at Pacific Ocean Park. Pacific Ocean Park also had its robust take on the famous Magic Carpet family ride—it was basically like Disney's Peter Pan's Flight family inverted dark ride, but with elaborate flying carpet vehicles instead of flying ships! The Magic Carpet family dark ride at POP was an inverted slow-moving coaster-like attraction employing flying carpet-shaped and themed vehicles to take 'em along a Middle Eastern scene featuring fairy tales. POP also had a Jungle Safari adventure participatory dark ride (before these ride types started becoming more commonplace and popular). A Jeep-type vehicle on the Jungle Safari takes a couple along its course. &nbsp;Riders were equipped with shooting gallery rifles to "shoot" various objects (like this gorilla) along the ride's path. Someone should make these kind of "game" rides available. Sebar and Ripper also did their take on POP's Ocean Bubble Skyway ride—a chairlift skyride attraction featuring these round bubble-shaped cars. Their version WASN'T recolorable (despite their then-best efforts)! We should rework it, and produce a newly-revised version with FULLY RECOLORABLE cars. A color photo showing a color bubble skyride car flying along the skyride cable from the Main Pier to Mystery Island. Please take these suggestions (all tracked rides) into consideration. Thank You!
  8. How about storing the objects at someplace online, like Google Drive or GitHub?! I already have an area on GitHub set up for OpenRCT2.
  9. Somebody: Please create a(n) RCT Classic UI look-and-feel theme for OpenRCT2. Thank You!
  10. Well, then—we all need to get to work on creating all-new .PNG replacements for all our .DAT files that we're currently using in-game.
  11. Hello! Let's clear this issue up: The .OBJ format holds the actual visual object for an attraction (be it: a flat ride, tracked ride, arcade/midway game, game course, food stall, drink stall, souvenir stall, first aid station, or restroom), while its associated .JSON format file details the setup and operations data for that given .OBJ file. Both the .OBJs and their associated .JSONs will be featured in OopenRCT2 new saved game format.
  12. AndrewTheWolf2018: What kind of coaster track did you use for your 4D coaster?! The 4D fly swatter coasters use trains having vertically-spinning cars where pairs of riders sit facing each other while being strapped into 'em with both over-the-shoulders safety seatbelts and over-the-shoulders yoke handlebar restraints. Someone should create these 4d fly swatter spinning-car trains.
  13. Hello! Amazing Earl's Tilted Whirler (=Tilt-A-Whirl) should also have a higher excitement rating. Ilmgk's 4 platform flat thrill rides should have more appropriate vehicles—somebody should soon look into that... Those caged Enterprise cars SHOULD NOT have gotten on the Flying Bobs (=Thunder Bolt/Music Festival/Matterhorn) ride, while sleigh-like ones should be on the Caterpillar (=Music Express/Himalaya/Polar Express) ride.
  14. Hello! Thank Y'all for improving OpenRCT2 thus far; you've even included .JSON copies of (at least) the default .OBJ files from the original RCT and RCT2 games. About my ideas for the new data and save format(s), here's what I came up with: ASSET TYPE RCT1 RCT2 OpenRCT2 (Planned) SAVED GAME .SV4 .SV6 .SGM (Saved Game) SCENARIO .SC4 .SC6 .BNC (Work Bench) TRACK COURSE .TD4 .TD6 .TCR (Ride Track Course) INTERNAL DATA .DAT .DAT .DTX (Auxiliary Data) OBJECT DATA .DAT .DAT .OBJ (Game Asset Object) SCENERY GROUP .DAT .DAT .SCG (Scenery Asset Group) MUSIC SELECTION .DAT .DAT .AMS (Audio Music Selection) The .OBJ file format would include rides and midway/arcade games as well as the shops, stalls, facilities, scenery, and miscellaneous assets within the game. Thank You!
  15. How would I export object images from G2.DAT and CSG1.DAT?!?!
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