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I'm sure that I'm the only one around here that has had trouble opening OpenRCT and or downloading it the correct way. This thought was only strengthened when I saw the help thread and noticed that all of the post are problems that you have INSIDE of the game, well I can't and probably won't even make it that far.. I have a windows 10 computer and I attempted to download 64 bit because I'm assuming that with these new computers I'm sure they are 64 not 32. So that didn't work it kept asking what folder I downloaded in and would always click the folder that I created just like the guy on YouTube. Funny thing is I noticed he had different pop ups than me and I instantly knew it probably wouldn't work for me. Well I tried to go back to the webpage but I was using McDonald's Wifi and and every time I wrote OpenRCT.org it would go to the McDonald's website, weird. Well unless someone has a way to help me it looks like I won't be trying to OpenRCT ever and might have to stick to my disk. Dang I was really looking forward to it but I guess I'll start my custom park on the standard RCT2 disk 

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If you have an 'Program Files (x86)' folder on your computer, you have 64bit.

Which files did you download, the launcher or the game? (I recommend using the launcher)

What exactly went wrong? Which pop-up messages did you see? Which youtube video did you use? Please provide some more information so we can help.

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Thanks guys. I had to vent for a little bit after driving back home from my failed attempt. I'll keep trying and yes thank you for answering 1 of my qualms.. I do have 64 bit because my folders did have an x86 file or whatever. Well I saw 2 videos buy a guy his was like the first one of the top of the list that wasn't 30 minutes long. His name was TallestGuy and I did his step by step by that was after I downloaded so it maybe have been a different one. When I hit OpenRCT it says "OpenRct2 needs files from the original RCT2 in order to work. Please select directory where you installed RCT2." And then when I click the files or folders it says "Could not find blah blah blah.Dat at this path" I think the one I downloaded was OpenRct2 0.07 windows x64 EXE version I know there was a few other options on the download list but I only got to this one. Since I couldn't find the folder I don't know if this is actually the right one or the wrong one. Thanks 

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23 minutes ago, RCT2Tyler said:

Could not find blah blah blah.Dat at this path

Could you please quote the actual error message? Even though in this case I know you mean g1.dat, it isn't very helpful if you don't tell us what the error actually says.

This error means the directory you selected was not the right one. The correct directory to select is the one that contains the rct2.exe executable, usually called "RollerCoaster Tycoon 2". Inside that directory there should be a subdirectory called "Data" and inside that should be g1.dat. A common mistake is trying to select the installer executable or the OpenRCT2 folder.


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Damn man I'm really having bad luck with this. The first time I tried to upload a picture it worked now I just tried it again and it said error -200. It doesn't even give me a way to fix it. Maybe add 200 to whatever that problem meant 😂😂😂😂 I digress. Well I know this is a pain in the ass for everyone that is trying to help me through this weird problem. Yes I was on the directories and I clicked the RCT2 Triple thrill pack, nope. Then I went into the x86 folder or whatever the hell that thing is 😂😂. I found RCT2 Triple thrill pack, again? Haha this time it opened up in categories like Data Landscapes ObjData Saved Games Scenarios and tracks. I hit data just like you instructed me, thank you, but nope nothing. It doesn't click and it doesn't open up any other folders. Well thanks for helping 

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18 minutes ago, RCT2Tyler said:

I found RCT2 Triple thrill pack, again? Haha this time it opened up in categories like Data Landscapes ObjData Saved Games Scenarios and tracks.

That is the correct folder


18 minutes ago, RCT2Tyler said:

I hit data just like you instructed me,

The directory you should select is "RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack" not "Data".

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Oh man thank you so much!! I really didn't think I was going to find someone that could give me the answer. I don't know anyone personally that plays this game and I don't many people that have the time to come look at my computer for just a game. Thank you And that last bit of advice was it!!! Thanks now I can play the game and enjoy and be a part of this community. Thanks guys 

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Hello, I am having the same issue as RCT2Tyler - for some reason I cannot map it to the folder. There was no "g1.dat" in my original folder, so I renamed rct2.dat as g1.dat but it still cannot find it. It doesn't work with either file name though.

Attached is what I have in my folder - please help!

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 9.46.42 PM.png

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Those are the game's installation files. If you have already installed the game, you need to find where it was installed to (searching your filesystem for rct2.exe may help). If you have not yet installed the game, you need to do so before you can start OpenRCT2. To do that, you can either run the installer (Autorun.exe), or, if you're not on Windows, you may prefer to use a program like innoextract to obtain the needed files from the archive.

You should end up with a directory that contains rct2.exe and several subdirectories. You should point OpenRCT2 at this directory and it will expect to find g1.dat in the "Data" subdirectory. Don't rename random files to g1.dat - this will not help and may break the installer if you try to run it. If you don't see g1.dat you're looking in the wrong place; it does not go by any other name.

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