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If one entrance on a racing coaster is marginally better, guests flock to that one

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6 hours ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

But they're adjacent

Yes, but one sees much more traffic. RCT2 guests overwhelmingly prefer to keep going in a straight line - only a small fraction will take a junction when a straight line path is available. So look at what happens to guests approaching from the left - they'll walk straight past the first entrance, but then they have to turn. 50% of them will turn toward the right entrance, the other half keep going on the path.

It looks like for guests approaching from the left, the opposite would be the case - but due to the way RCT2 handles wide paths, those extra tiles are ignored - from the screenshot it appears that most guests approaching from the right also hit the right entrance first.

This does not apply for guests that are actively heading for the ride - they will always enter the queue if they walk past it,  but they only make up a small proportion of guests.

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If peeps are not heading for a specific ride, they will most likely walk forward untill they reach a dead end of path. This is why the right side is getting more peeps. The peeps coming from the left pathway (red box) head straight in front of its entrance and have a 50% chance of turning left at that point.

The green path shows a solution




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Is it the same ride? Guests always head to the closest entrance and switch at any time the other entrance is closer. If a guest is heading for the left entrance, it will switch to the other before entering the queue. Only guest that are just wandering around will enter the empty queue. Change the queue entry of the left entrance to the other side of the coaster and it will improve.

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