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Rough Lag When Placing a New Track

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I tried different render engines. No difference.

I'm not sure what build marker is.


However I did notice it only occurs on placing really big tracks. For ex. 'Titan' or 'The Goliath' from Sixflags cause lag. My large custom rides caused lag too. But small to medium tracks are placed smoothly. This makes me wonder if maybe it's just a personal computer issue.

Hopefully this is narrowing down the problem somewhat...

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1 hour ago, SleetFire said:


I just tested it on 0.0.7 build 6b3b494. Placing tracks are smooth and steady, no issues to report.

But currently the 0.0.6 stable version is still a problem.

I've got a question now:

Are we better off playing on the most recent builds or sticking with the stable versions?


Always use the most recent builds- they have many more bug fixes and features. 

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If the game ever has a major bug, it will be in the develop branch. However issues in the stable branch may have already been fixed in the develop branch. If releases start rolling out more frequently staying in the stable branch may be worth it.

Note that, once custom save formats are implemented, there may be issues with saving in the develop branch, but should have already been tested before even making it to the develop branch.

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4 hours ago, jensj12 said:

If releases start rolling out more frequently staying in the stable branch may be worth it.

Which is exactly what we're aiming to do since 0.0.6 :) If you don't want to risk corrupting your saves (worst case), I suggest to keep using the stable builds.

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5 hours ago, SleetFire said:

Appreciate the detailed answers.

I'm concerned about reliable game saves (even got these things backed up on google drive) so I'll stay on stable for now. I think these files are like the heart of RCT in general. We must keep them heathy.


I wouldn't really worry about corrupt files.  I've never seen it happen ever before. 

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