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  1. Appreciate the detailed answers. I'm concerned about reliable game saves (even got these things backed up on google drive) so I'll stay on stable for now. I think these files are like the heart of RCT in general. We must keep them heathy.
  2. Okay, Great! Making the switch. Originally I thought the development versions would crash a lot and have issues with game saves.
  3. Hello I just tested it on 0.0.7 build 6b3b494. Placing tracks are smooth and steady, no issues to report. But currently the 0.0.6 stable version is still a problem. I've got a question now: Are we better off playing on the most recent builds or sticking with the stable versions?
  4. Will do! Ah.. virtual chocolate.
  5. Awesome, awesome. Thank you!
  6. If you guys could increase the sprite limit in the new save file format that'd be a godsend. As computing power grows exponentially and multiplayer parks gain popularity the demand for large parks are destined to increase. Even an increase in Landscape limits would be divine too.
  7. Now I understand this likely was mentioned here before but I tried the search forum tool with no luck so I am mentioning it again. Simply wondering, what is maximum number of guests one can have in a park? Also, would it be possible to increase the max number?
  8. Sounds like good news then. I think I got bit confused on what vanilla means. Totally agree though, wouldn't understand any reason to go back and play RCT2 now that this version is here for the long haul. Believe it or not upon finding OpenRCT2 through Google. I actually did like a "kick-back" from my seat because I thought it was too good to be true. Similar to those 'omgican'tbelieveitactuallyexists!!' moments.
  9. Okay, so if I got this right: If I added custom scenery into a park and saved it. It would then not be convertible to the new file types and ultimately be incompatible with new versions of OpenRCT2.
  10. Yikes, let's not change the save file format then. I've got a huge park in the making, I'd go into a rampage if it became corrupted or unplayable... or am I worry over nothing?
  11. Currently there are only 4 vertical face styles (these are not the official names for them fyi): 1. The default (earth) 2. Brown wood 3. Grey Wood 4. Ice Yet there are many more horizontal face styles (14 I believe). This came to mind so here it is out in the open.
  12. If anyone else is having this same issue post away. As for now, it seems like a small bug so I'm not going to drag on about it. The game is still playable regardless.
  13. Alright. Thanks for all the tips. I'll play around with the queue lengths and entertainers to see what's good. I was thinking of adding like 50 Entertainers into a line queue and seeing what happens. Hopefully it doesn't scare everyone away...
  14. I tried different render engines. No difference. I'm not sure what build marker is. However I did notice it only occurs on placing really big tracks. For ex. 'Titan' or 'The Goliath' from Sixflags cause lag. My large custom rides caused lag too. But small to medium tracks are placed smoothly. This makes me wonder if maybe it's just a personal computer issue. Hopefully this is narrowing down the problem somewhat...
  15. I've heard to place TV's. Then I heard hire Entertainers. No luck with either. Any ideas?
  16. Since update 0.0.6 when placing a new track design on the map (you know, the white ghost or flashing version) the games lags really bad. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. Hello OpenRCT2 community. I first must say again how awesome this mod is. It's like you've taken this game, but rebuilt it as a piece of art this time.. Anyways, had to just get that one out.. This Park is called Five Season Paradise because there are the 4 Seasons in each corner and a mystery one in the middle plus lots of flat land for funning. Big rides, lots of scenery, good times but still a work in progress: Open to any comments, suggestions, criticisms. Scenario Download: Five Season Paradise V070.sc6 Empty Scenario Download: "We can only keep
  18. Downloaded Biome Quarters. They are definitely alike but at the same time very different. Also, that website the Scenario was from. Bookmarked. Looks like it's got lots of goodies to browse. Thanks for the link. On another note regarding my last post. I edited the scenario file. It should now read 'Five Season Paradise V061.sc6' as before it was '"" V07.sc6'. The old file included part of my actual Park I was making. So if you happened to download it, well then .. you're special.
  19. Here is a more detailed version of Five Season Paradise. Currently I am building a large park on this landscape version. Will post back here with more info soon. Five Season Paradise V061.sc6
  20. If I could visit that park in real life I would.
  21. Before explaining the Scenario I'd like to deeply thank everyone who is building this mod. The features added so far are awesome and seem almost natural as if keeping the game in it's original form. Since the scenario editor was equipped with a better bulldozer (let's just say). I decided to go for maximum size. Therefore, this is sort of a Work Bench and Regular Type Scenario. FIVE SEASON PARADISE Summery Beaches in the South Freaky Fall Forests in the West Alpine slopes in the North Lush Vegetation in the East Strange Land Mass in the Middle
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