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Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and outright dishonesty.

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Responses to my post about building tracks without using game time (https://openrct2.org/forums/topic/2288-building-tracked-rides/) made me think about what is "legitimate" in games like RCT.

In a game like this where you aren't really competing against someone I don't think any method is really cheating or dishonest. Anything that allows you to enjoy the game should be allowed.

But there is a sort of hierarchy of "cheating":

1. Using less that obvious parts of the game -- Basically "tips".

2. Using legitimate aspects of the game to accomplish something not really intended. I'd call these "tricks" and would classify my tracked rides suggestion here.

3. Using game supplied "cheat" mechanisms.

4. Using things like scenario editors to eliminate restrictions in the original scenario.

5. Using hex editors, etc to manipulate game data files.

6. Using hex editors, etc to manipulate game code.

In an Open Source project like ORCT2 you also have the option to actually change the game source code.

I usually don't go beyond level 2 for ORCT2 but do use 3 or 4 for rare cases when some game or scenario restriction really frustrates me (I play for fun, not frustration, got enough of that in real life).


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There is another way to "cheat" the game - use the pause button.

Let's say you have placed your flat ride and built your queue and exit paths.

Press pause to finish with fees, music, entrance type, coloring (esp on coasters where you might want different coloring in different places.

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