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how many custom objects can I make?


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46 minutes ago, imlegos said:

The limit is how many items the selection can list.

I know what the limit is, my question was what causes this limit. Most in-game limits are tied to the .sv6, .sc6, and .dat file structures, but as far as my knowledge goes, I can't see why the object selection window would be tied to a file structure.

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2 hours ago, YoloSweggLord said:

What causes this restriction on the object selection window? It doesn't make sense to me to have the window tied to any file structures that might limit it.

It's nothing to do with the filesystem, but with a limitation of how the windows work. It's similar to the dropdown issue, which allows a maximum of 64 entries. This could be fixed very long ago already, but the problem is that it's a huge task to change all of it.

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