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Commands and variables for the console

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The wiki page can be a bit outdated, it should cover most stuff tho.

Help & variables should cover up most commands in there

Have no idea if someone/something has covered up all console commands but if you're a bit of a programmer, you might find some in the console codes

Inside the code, most commands are written as (strcmp(argv[0], "render_weather_gloom") with the wording inside " ", being the command- In this case "render_weather_gloom"


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These are the lines of code that set the game variables from the in-game console: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/blob/develop/src/interface/console.c#L546-L863

For better readability I've extracted the strings into a list:

  • park_rating
  • money
  • scenario_initial_cash
  • current_loan
  • max_loan
  • guest_initial_cash
  • guest_initial_happiness
  • guest_initial_hunger
  • guest_initial_thirst
  • guest_prefer_less_intense_rides
  • guest_prefer_more_intense_rides
  • forbid_marketing_campagns
  • forbid_landscape_changes
  • forbid_tree_removal
  • forbid_high_construction
  • pay_for_rides
  • no_money
  • difficult_park_rating
  • difficult_guest_generation
  • park_open
  • land_rights_cost
  • construction_rights_cost
  • climate
  • game_speed
  • console_small_font
  • test_unfinished_tracks
  • no_test_crashes
  • location
  • window_scale
  • window_limit
  • render_weather_effects
  • render_weather_gloom

It looks like they only accept numbers (either integers and decimal), except for climate, which can take either an integer or a string that's one of: cool_and_wet, warm, hot_and_dry, or cold.

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14 minutes ago, CharlieP said:

however what do "location" and "console_small_font" do?

Console small font changes the text from FAT to Normal - Try it with 'set console_small_font 1'

Location it teleports the camera to a X, Y, Z location - Try it with 'set location 25 25 25'

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1 hour ago, CharlieP said:

Is there any way to find out what its default setting is and are there any other similar variables?

Just double close the ride to reset the friction. 'rides' is not a variables but a functions, meaning there's some logic behind them, not just a value. 'rides set friction' is part of that function, which does set a certain value based on your input. The only other function that behaves similar to the rides function is the ones for staff: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/blob/develop/src/interface/console.c#L444-L544

The possible commands are:

  • rides
    • set
      • type
      • friction
  • staff
    • set
      • energy
2 minutes ago, imlegos said:

(Side note; would it theoretically be possible to implement scrolling into title sequences?)

Yes, that wouldn't even be hard to make.

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3 hours ago, CharlieP said:

@X7123M3-256 showed me how to change friction. Is there any way to find out what its default setting is and are there any other similar variables?

No command is implemented to show the current friction value. It would be a bit awkward because I took a shortcut with implementing the friction command - friction is actually set per-car, not per ride. So you'd have a different friction value for vehicle to show. You could cut that down by assuming all trains have the same friction value - it is a pretty safe assumption but it isn't necessarily the case. If you only want to reset to default, you can just double close and reopen the ride. If you want to know exactly what the default value was, easiest way is to take a look at the rides .DAT file.


The only other command that acts on rides is "rides set type" for changing track and vehicle types. I implemented a command to change the speed and acceleration of powered rides, but it never got merged. If you want to know all the console commands, the best place to look is in console.c, since it's always up to date and there doesn't seem to be much documentation on this.

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