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Forest Frontiers, Reloaded!


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Yes, That is exactly what were about to do here.

Change the Original scenario's from RCT-1 into custom scenery RCT-2 parks.

We changed the entrance area, changed how many land you could buy to expand, and changed rides, scenery etc. etc.

So first, were adding a mainstreet, but here's the thing: We don't show it to you yet!

Second there's a Divecoaster:




More to come,

Berke & Wes.

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This is the procedure I use for lowering/raising stuff:

  • Note down the index of the ride whose track to be lowered (use "rides list" in the console).
  • Open /src/rct2/S6Importer.cpp and locate game_load_sv6
  • Any code inserted at the end of that function will run after scenario load. You can use map_element_iterator_begin and map_element_iterator_next to iterate over all available map elements. Look for track pieces that belong to that ride, and subtract 1 from the base height and clearance height.
  • If the code you've written will crash if the target ride isn't found (not the case for this hack, but for some others), you can skip loading the title sequence by passing the SV6 file directly on the command line.

It is often helpful to do this on a seperate branch and commit the changes - if you want to redo the hack later, you don't have to rewrite the code. Sometimes, I put the code in src/interface/console.c and add a new command - it is not necessary for a simple hack like this, but for things like loading a heightmap from an image, it's convenient to be able to rerun the code without reloading the park.  If it would be helpful to be able to select the target elements with the mouse, the place to put the code is in the tile inspector.

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Thank you for the comments. It glitches much indeed. It needs to be lowered.. It also glitches with the custom catwalks cause the wooden coaster ones didn't fit for the catwalk stairs on the blockbrake. Were trying to do things multiplayer on this. And the obly thing.is, my mate, Berke keeps losing connection when guests are entering the park in multiplayer. I hope it isn't a bug. We'll keep you updated. Is there a way to add a rotodrop car on the dive coaster track and to make the backward launch shuttle coaster going more then one cirquit? Would help me much on some ideas

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We have added some stuff in the park. Berke is Seriously going strong on a MACK coaster, while i'm building a story around a small little train station in the mountains.

(You do not enter the ride in the station facade but in a secret hole in the mountain). For the full story, well, we save that for you later!

It's not a cheap park were building, with several Darkrides, huge coasters and oh you're missing the flatrides, but we are planning to add those too.

Here are some screenshots. The Western Darkride might be taken down and being rebuild later on.

Some screenshots were taken earlier before i finished some facades.

The Expedition coaster now needs foliage and finishing touches.







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On 8/31/2016 at 22:43, djwessie said:

Is there a way to add a rotodrop car on the dive coaster track and to make the backward launch shuttle coaster going more then one cirquit?

"Show vehicles from other track types", in the cheat window. I don't know that you'd want to do this, though - the roto-drop isn't meant to be used as a tracked ride and doesn't even have the basic 32 frame flat rotation - there is only one sprite.

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Yeah, I've seen those, they look OK in screenshots but awful in game because the roto-drop car doesn't have sprites to follow the slopes. It has to be hacked any way you do it. I've been thinking about trying to do one of these, but I wouldn't use the roto-drop car for that reason. The biggest challenge is making the spinning work on a ride with no turns (for spinning rides, the turns are what trigger the spinning. For animated rides, you have very limited frames to work with). It might just be one of those rides that's impossible to make work well.

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This ain't dead and we decided to totaly renew some areas.

I have totaly redone my mainstreet/doombuggy darkride and woring on a complete overhaul of the dive coaster.

Also, i have added another unfinished and working suprise into my Pier section:


Any tips how to get rid of the catwalk hack glitch on this particular hack?



Now here is the work Berke has done so far:

He has a Intamin Magnetic Fin Intamin coaster done which you have might seen before. But he is also working on the Down-Town area and transport hub of the park.

Not much of the original map is spared to accomplish this.


It might look like chaos and unconnected right now, but everything has a purpose. 

We do this as a team and we both have a different style of building. 

It takes time, but when we have time we consider: is it good enough? no, let's totally demolish it and redo it,


Berke & Wes

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