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  1. I love your building style but I already said that on youtube 100 times. Nothing more to say than that. πŸŽƒ
  2. Aye new episode. I love the overall look and aesthetic of this park, the new coaster also looks great. 😁Can't wait to see you build in a different style after this park.
  3. I love how simple yet beautiful everything looks. 🌲Many rides remind me of some dutch coasters / rides, but they might be standard designs that you can find in other parks. Great job! 😁
  4. Yay an update. Once again this looks amazing. 😁
  5. GLOW

    iOps Resort

    Very nice. I love the colors.
  6. You're a great builder. Will follow your videos for sure. Also, great use of the Efteling music. 😜
  7. This is amazing, please keep updating it! 😁
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