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"Too High for Supports"


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Hello,I just came across OpenRCT2 today and I must say I am extremely excited for whats to come. I thought I was the only one who still played the game! Anyway couple of quick ideas...I am building a park with a bridge connecting a scenic railway to an island. Unfortunately the bridge is only 25ft but too high for supports for the track to pass over the water. Also in my large parks I utilize the tram...any way to add capabilities for more than 4 stations?Thanks Mark

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I also had this 'problem' while crossing water with a ride (don't remember exactly which one). I think this is just a thing to make your scenario a bit more difficult and not really something that should be fixed.Don't know anything about the stations though, 4 does indeed seem a bit low for big parks...

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Some rides have an actual limit on high their supports can go. It's a part of the game.You'd want to look at possibly the Mega Coaster since it can be built staggeringly high, but it'd be a pretty unorthodox method of park transport, but that does show up in an RCT1 scenario with the Mine Train Coaster.That said adding it as a switch to flick on to allow more freedom would be nice.

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How to make it work! Use the zero clearance trick to merge two rides. Have your tram go until its too high. Change the track to a coaster that can go that high and then back to the tram track when you are at a good height level again. Maybe make a covered bridge to hide it if you don't like how it looks.

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There's a large quantity of ideas for your supports problem. Multiple stations however, you can only have the maximum of 4 on a ride that supports them, unlike RCT3 where it's limitless, I think.You could be able to make a system where different tram rides take people to different places, but that could take up a lot of space, and cost a lot of cash.Maybe use different transport rides inbetween, but like someone mentioned before they don't work effectively as they should in RCT3. I always as a back up make sure there's path to join all the areas together.

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