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No One Goes On RollerCoasters?

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Not sure if this is a bug or I'm just stupid, probably the former because this is one of the first times I played this. I heard great things about this game so I went and bought the GOG version just to use OpenRCT2 :) What happens is that no one cues up on my RollerCoasters as you can see here: http://puu.sh/jzvUW/c160296e9a.png but they cue up on pretty much everything else, for some reason the Circus is very popular among them. Is it that I made them so extreme that absolutely no one wants to go on them?

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That high? Hardly :DEvery guest has his own preferred intensity and nausea tolerance, which you can check by clicking on a guest and then on the tab with his face.The Extreme and Ultra-Extreme intensity ratings indicate a problem with your track. By taking a glance, I see you're not using banks on turns where the train has high speeds. As strange as it sounds, the game tries to follow the laws of physics when it comes to ride behaviour (except when the Merry-Go-Round breaks down, I'd like to see someone explain that :D ). If a train reaches a high speed and approaches a standard turn, the riders' inertia forces them to jump sideways in place, but if you rotate the same turn with banked tracks, the ride will be much smoother.Here's the option to do so:View imageAlso, if you expect a train to have high speeds when approaching a station, you can place speed brakes to gradually reduce the speed instead of having it just stop abruptly after reaching, say, 90 km/h.

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15 seems to be the limit, you will get hardly anyone (if anyone at all) to ride your roller coaster if you go beyond that. In most scenarios between rides with an intensity rating between 13 and 15 will also attract far fewer guests.Here is a tip: every guest has a preferred ride intensity. You can see it on the second tab of a guest's window. For example, if a guest has a preferred ride intensity of between 2 and 8, he will only queue for rides with according intensity ratings, so he won't queue for gentle rides and the more intense roller coasters.

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Rollercoasters need to be smooth to be good and less intense, the faster a train goes around the corner, the more bank and possibly wider it'll need to be. Consider that when building coasters, and a pet peave of mine is not to over use Helixes since it's just, really time consuming and dull to watch.

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