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  1. Could you post the stats of your rollercoaster? It's pretty likely that the intensity is too high for your guests.
  2. You keep posting thumbnails, dude. Try uploading your images to imgur.com or minus.com (preferably the former) and post a link to those.
  3. View imageWelcome to Satan's Hell Park! Everyone's favorite fallen angel does his very best to maintain the pit of despair where he and his demons torture sinners for all of eternity. Unfortunately, his Patreon hasn't been doing very well recently and his influx of money is starting to dwindle at an alarming pace. That's why he's asking for your help! Satan's given you a small amount of land in this infinite hellish landscape to see if you can try and help him get back on his feet. Additional land can be purchased for a small extra fee, of course. There's no pressure, but there's an extra hot spot in the devil's private torture chamber in case you fail. Still, being the brilliant grassroots theme park developer you are, this shouldn't prove to be a problem.View imageCome see Hell's finest attractions like the Lake of the Damned, where visitors can safely ride tungsten rowboats while laughing their hearts out over the Schadenfreude of watching horrible people clamber out the side. They just keep trying!View imageCome take a selfie with Satan himself! Selfie sticks can be purchased at the obnoxious info booth at the front, but be aware that actually using them results in one of Satan's soldiers (seen at the side) personally dragging you into a nearby lava pit.View imageAdmire our completely original joke that hasn't worn out its welcome at all!View imageThe Illuminati!And so much more!
  4. Hi everyone!I don't know if this is something you can already do in OpenRCT (I've only had it for a few hours), but I was curious if it could be possible to mute audio upon tabbing out. I listen to videos in the background, and I'd like to be able to hear what happens when I tab out.
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