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Changing date and time


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22 minutes ago, CharlieP said:

Isit (new word) possible to change the year, month and day either forward or back like we could using 8cars? Through the console maybe?

I believe there's a console command, but forget what it is.  Try the help command in the console, maybe?

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You can just open the console and it will help you through the process of finding what you need. Typing a command without any arguments will show the help of that command. Be careful with changing the date though, it's unknown what a negative ride age does (but reports about what it does are welcome).

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On 7/13/2016 at 16:41, CharlieP said:

Are there other items the console can do besides the ones listed on github?

There is at least one command not listed in the in-game help  - but Github has the source code from which the game is built, so if a command isn't present there then it either doesn't exist or hasn't been merged into develop yet.

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