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Block Brake Idea

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Sorry if something similar has already been discussed before. I tried to search for a relevant topic, but I didn't get anything. 

Anyway, so I know that the block breaks in RCT2 either stop the train completely if the next block is occupied or slows the train down to 4mph if empty. Would it be possible to take away the 4mph restriction, so instead of being slowed down considerably, the coaster just continues on without slowing down if the block is empty? In real life, this is very common at parks around the world, and it would help with better ride pacing.

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The point of testing is to ensure the ride works; people complain about the difference the weight of the peeps makes, so I think that testing should stop the train in each block. Actually, I think the game should run two tests, both with and without the blocks engaged, because it is necessary also to ensure that the ride is safe at the higher speed.

The game's ratings are only affected by the stats, most of which record the maximum value of each quantity, and the train should be moving slowly at the point where the blocks are located anyway, so the difference should be subtle.

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Since the trains will go faster without being slowed down that much, the ratings will differ. Remember a .01 difference in lateral G forces may trigger a penalty on intensity and exitement. I'm against running two tests, as that will cause a considerable delay, especially for long rides and rides with too many trains. A difference between a testing and open ride is normal and even part of the gameplay since RCT1.

Another solution I thought of (would be fun to have anyways): an emergency button (like in NoLimts). Makes all trains stop on the next block brake (or station) and all chainlifts stop immediatly. This would allow the player to test blocking block brakes (and the ride stats recording will be canceled for the current test run).

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The real difficulty with something like this is that it means runs are no longer reproducable, so you can no longer extrapolate behaviour from a single test. At the moment there are only subtle variations in train speed from peep loading, so each run is more or less the same.

I'm also not sure how easily implemented this is - every track piece has a brake speed anyway, so it shouldn't need modification of the save format, but at the moment the train stops and starts instantaneously in block brakes - if you allowed increasing the block brake speed, that would be a problem, because you don't want block brakes to be able to accelerate the train significantly like they did in RCT3, you want to let the train through at the specified speed only if the block is clear and otherwise stop it completely.

I don't think we need an E-stop button because the game does that automatically whenever any kind of breakdown occurs. Maybe it could also be available as a cheat, but I think there's already a cheat to force a safety cut out, which does the same thing really.

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I understand if it doesn't happen. I just figured it would be a cool option to have and increase the realism a lot. 

And in all honesty, I don't think a lot of players normally send a train through a block brake at excess of 10-15 mph since I believe that could cause the ratings to take a huge hit as well, so it's not like a lot of trains are going to just fly through the brake if the 4 mph slow down was removed, but I understand that you guys are just looking at the bigger picture and at the casual players who don't normally do realism. Maybe it could just be a cheat that is optional to each individual player.

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On 5/7/2016 at 09:08, X7123M3-256 said:

If you allowed increasing the block brake speed, that would be a problem, because you don't want block brakes to be able to accelerate the train significantly like they did in RCT3, you want to let the train through at the specified speed only if the block is clear and otherwise stop it completely.

Don't IRL roller coasters usually have the spinning tires under the tracks that do speed up the train? 

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Depends on the ride. You won't usually have kicker wheels on a mid-course brake run but you do often see them in the final brake run and in the station. Rides with magnetic brakes often have the brake run on a slight slope, with a clamp at the end to stop the train. When the train needs to move off again the clamp is simply released - the train will proceed forward under gravity. Some coasters that use linear motors for launching also use them for braking (such as most Maurer Sohne and Premier launched coasters). In this case the brake run is capable of launching the train, because it is also the launch run.

I was thinking the problem is not that the train shouldn't be sped up at all, but that it shouldn't take place instantaneously like it does right now - it's not that noticeable when the train is only accelerating to 4mph, but for higher speeds it would look bad.

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Multiple types of test runs would slow down the opening, but that is what they do in real life. The number of test runs a coaster train makes each morning between maintenance checking and ride op testing is (should be) a high number. Ie) 5-6 runs per train before actual ride opening.

So, I would think it would be cool to have two test buttons. One for "Block Checks" stopping a train in each section, and one in full operating mode. That way if you don't want to waste time on a block check, you don't have to, but if you want to make sure it gets all the way around, it is still an option.

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