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Vandal alert notifications

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A very minor feature idea: Mostly since they seem to turn up a lot online as I always find myself cleaning pathways/trash bins (the former due to the bad AI of the handymen and the latter in thanks to trash bins only being able to hold 1 piece of trash) online that no one else fixes thanks to frequent desync, I was thinking there could be a better way to be notified when a vandal in on the loose, so you can catch them and put them in a "time out" until their vandal spree ends sooner.

The text would read "[Guest name] has become a Vandal!"

Of course this would be optional, enabled by going into options and clicking on a checkbox.

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There's currently no way of telling if someone is a vandal or not. Hiring a security guard will un-vandal guests it walks past (it doesn't just wear off over time AFAIK), but the player won't know it happened. Thus adding such information would allow the player to react to it, which isn't part of the original gameplay. I'd rather have a notification whenever something is vandalised and needs repairing, or no notification at all if staff could repair vandalised items. Btw, if you're experiencing a desync, guests and staff aren't synced anymore, so vandalism won't be synced either. Anyways, rethink your suggestion now you know what security guards do.

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Found the relevant code. It seems that only angry peeps vandalize, and only when there is no security guard within 7 tiles of the peep. The sprite that is shown in the window is decided here - the angry face is shown if var_F3 is nonzero. var_F3 is set to 16 when the peep vandalizes a path object, and decreases by 1 on each update until it is back to zero. I am not sure if this unsets the angry flag or not.

So it seems that the red face is shown only once a peep has actually vandalized an object - angry peeps that have not yet vandalized (or have gone long enough without vandalizing) are not visibly angry. Also interesting is that naming a peep "Eilidh Bell" will instantly make them angry.

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