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adding a dat while playing a game

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I do this all the time. Simply open the console while in your multi player game and type 'open object_selection' and press enter. Select/deselect the rides/scenery you want like you normally would and close it to save. The other players though, will not know that this happened and hence don't have the changes you made synchronised so tell them to rejoin, or save the game and load it forcing them to reload the map and they will have the changes you made in the object selector :)

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You have to enable the debugging menu in the options menu to be able to see it in the top-left corner. Or you can do what I wrote in my comment above by opening the console (check your key bindings) and typing 'open object_selection' as this is what you have to do to bring it up in a multi player game.

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1 hour ago, KKLD said:

Yeah but the icon doesn't show up in multiplayer, unfortunately.

That's by design. You should not try changing the list of elements you can build in muliplayer, as it will not change for the other players. By changing it you have a different list than them. If you then place the object, the others, including the host, will crash, or see a different object.

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