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Nubbie vs. Ethiopian. Who made the better wild mouse?

Which Wild Mouse is better?  

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  1. 1. Which Wooden Wild Mouse is better

    • Wild Mouse 1
    • Wild Mouse 2

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Well first of all, I know you hate me Ethiopean but they both need better colors, AND it's kind of hard to vote off of appearance when they both look ugly. At least give it some scenery. If I had to choose it would easily be 2 because of it's stats. Congrats to whoever made it. :|

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3 hours ago, Thewarf321 said:

but they both need better colors

The coasters where made on a server which had limitations in color and perspective, especially for scenarier (which was not saved because X reasons)


3 hours ago, Thewarf321 said:

I know you hate me Ethiopean

Don't think he hates you, the community is often kind and nice

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Not trying to start drama
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If you're going for realism, then both of them seem to go way too high. All wooden mouse/mine cars I have seen often don't go over 10m above the ground. The track itself look good on both rides, that's for certain. My vote goes to 2, because it has more little hills, however I do like the colours and the fact it doesn't grind over the floor as much of the first one.

Both of them are not using any scenery, which is a major thing in my eyes. Even having something really simple would definitely have changed my opinion on it.

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