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Custom title screen music?

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I'm not quite sure if this feature exists already but...considering how it's possible to switch inbetween the RCT1's title screen music and RCT2's, would it be possible to have custom title screen music too? Like, you add your own song and it plays when you open the game.

If this already exists...can somebody explain me how to do that? xDD

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Trigger's RCT2 tools are probably a good start. You can use them to replaces the CSS#.Dat that contain either RCT2's title, or RCT1's (RCT1's title is currently CSS50.Dat, as CSS48 and 49 are used as custom ride music.

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Note that by doing this, you essentially modify the game's assets. Make sure to keep a backup before doing so, or you'll have to reinstall the game to get them back.

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