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HOW TO - Custom title screen music (Tutorial)

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I was really curious on how to change the title music on Roller Coaster tycoon 2 so I could use This awesome remix 

I noticed how the cssX.dat files actually are .wav files so here is how you can change the music to the title / in the game 


1.  First find the music you want to you and open up a program where you can edit it, like the free program Audacity

2. Convert the new music file into a .WAV file, PCM format, 22,050Hz, 16bit, Stereo. (Copied from the CUSTOM.txt file, read more in there)

3. Go to the data folder of OpenRCT2 (C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRCT2\data)

4. Place the custom music in there and change the name of it to either "css17.dat" or "css50.dat"  (ccs17.dat is RCT2's music, css50.dat is RCT1's music) 

5. Start the game


If the music doesn't work in-game:

  • Are you sure you converted it to a .WAV file, PCM format, 22,050Hz, 16bit, Stereo?
  • Did you change the files name to 'css17.dat' or 'ccs50.dat' (NOT css.17.dat.wav)
  • Did you change the music in the options? (Might be in the wrong category)


The screenshot is how to use Audacity and import the music to the C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRCT2\data folder



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