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Before we start a new group park I want everyone's opinion on some things.Should we use expansion packs?What about custom scenery and rides?Custom ThemesScenario LayoutI'd like to hear the opinion on these of everyone who wants to join before we start.


  1. Cover a maximum area of 30x30 land tiles in one turn. You are allowed to shape this to your likes. An area of 15x60 for example is perfectly fine.
  2. Raise the land that you are building on. There should always be enough space to have an underground path, to allow for solving unexpected pathing issues.
  3. Anyone is allowed to make minor changes to other people's content, while keeping the overall theme the same. This include, but are not limited to:
    1. Changing the height of the ground
    2. Improve scenery and footpaths
    3. Placing footpath additions
    4. Solving issues where guests get stuck
    5. Moving rides
    6. Moving or placing new shops and stalls
  4. Do not make major changes to other people's content without their approval. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Removing or replacing rides
    2. Removing or replacing detailed scenery (anything that has more than just empty walls and roofs)
    3. Changing the height of the land drastically
  5. Keep an eye on the news - solve any problems to keep the park rating high.
  6. Post at least one screenshot, the new saved game with increased version number, and the updated queue.
  7. Do not block any main paths directly, there should be an easy way to continue building a path for the people after you. Ideally continue any paths in the area so that people can easily extend it.
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Included rules.
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17 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

Feels different, but we'll get used to it :P

I knew this site has a repo and looked for it, but is it still being used at all?

All OpenRCT.net functions will merge into this website and the forum software is now better, has support for messages etc. The Coastercloud and content center will follow in the future.

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1 hour ago, JarnoVgr said:

Yes it's still used at this moment. However, the new website will be made from scratch. So changes to the current OpenRCT2.com will only be in place for, hopefully, a few weeks.

Alright, except for the forums then I assume?

1 hour ago, RuneLaenen said:

Yes, it was quite annoying to have multiple communities who practically had the same target audience.

Agreed, glad there is a clear message on there about the migration. :)

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