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Startup autoconnect + rejoin on crash/connection loss

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Hey RCT fans,

I am setting up for a LAN where we are going to play ORCT2 and in regards to that I want to ask how you can start the game and have it automatically connect to an IP and upon game crash or other kinds of problems that cause you to disconnect it will reconnect to the server.

This would be a huge help as it would really simplify things. We are also drinking and playing and I am worried that some people might not notice if they disconnect from the server because when you disconnect you stay in the scenario.

We are using Windows 7/10.

Thank you :)

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Yeah that doesn't make sense to do, thank you.

What about an ORCT2 launch script (shortcut) that will make it automatically join a server, is that possible? I am thinking something like this: 

start openrct2.exe -connect -port 11753


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i am getting disconnected almost on the dot and always or (definitly) within about 1 to 3 minutes of joining any room/server.
I also have to close and reopen openrct2.exe after this happens because after i do get disconnected once and i try to re-join a room i get an automatic: "unable to connect:connection closed" message until i completely close and reopen openrct2.exe. 
I am using open- air xfinity wifi that i log into through a web browser and i was told by other users that this is probably the problem, but several weeks ago it seemed as if i would last about 20 minutes or more in most rooms without getting disconnected. By the way, i have few problems doing normal web browsing and video watching (except for an occasional pause or disconnect usually 1 every three hours). 

I am wondering do i have to set up a home internet connection or is this a bug in the open rct2 exe file?

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