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Hi guys, this is a sort of repost of mine that comes from the original "community" forums. I thought it still might be of use to some people so I'm happy to post it again here!

So originally I was going to make a huge post including my own download links from all these websites to keep as my own archive just in-case anything happened to the (now remaining) websites. I thought that it would be considered stealing from the original guys. I'll think about it, but for now here are some links to many things such as 

* Custom Tracks

* Custom Scenarios

* Custom Items (Scenery, Rides)

* RCT2 Tools

etc... Some of them are even being updated by users. I'm not entirely sure whether these will work well or not.

RCTgo - Head over to the download section to find lots of tracks, scenarios and other custom content. (Make sure the RCT2 option is selected otherwise it will show up with RCT3 things.)

RCTGrotto - To find RCT2 stuff, click the dropdown bar.

RCTspace - Some scenarios and other stuff.

RCTMart - Not sure if many of the links work on here anymore, maybe you can find something.

nedesigns - This one seems to have users still uploading here which is always nice to see! There's some good stuff here, including Utilities for RCT2.

RCT2 Object List - This is kinda hard to navigate but it seems to have some great scenery items. Press the big green bar to get a list of categories.

RCT Station - Head over to the Downloads section.

RCT Wiki - Not sure if there is much RCT2 stuff here. I recommend taking a look around though, considering there are many pages on this wiki.

VJ's RCT2 Scenario Pack - Contains  50 Scenarios.

r/rct - Reddit Page.

Buggy's RCT Download Page - Some interesting custom stuff here!

Steve's RCT Scenery - An old website but has some scenery things that might me interesting to some. (His new website is now offline.)

RCT2 Scenery - Not much background behind this one afaik. Just an old/weird looking website with some downloads.

Meyeet's Corner - Not much on here at all.

Rollercoaster Tycoon World (Psychic lol) - Okay stuff on here but ironic name for the site.

Trigger's RCT2 Tools - Still being updated with some great stuff on here, even has support for OpenRCT2!

Nancy's RCTycoon Resource - Scroll down.

CoasterCrazy - Not sure about this one.

RCTDatabase - You'll have to look around for the RCT2 stuff I imagine.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Community Content Pack - A pack of community made things, including some stuff listed above.

Theme Park Review - Not sure if there's anything up for download on here but it's interesting anyway!

RCT-World - Great if you know German. It has some interesting custom content in here.

SSCoasters - Some scenarios and others listed here.

RCT2 - Includes the UCES Expansion, utilities and some things provided by the developers!

Official Website Forum - There's a creativity section!

RCT2.com - Check the downloads section!

Hope this helps some of you guys! If there's anything I've missed, please tell me. ~

~ Mat (Merry Christmas!)

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On 2/13/2016 at 02:15, cparkes92 said:

Do you download these like normal for them to run in OpenRCT2?

As far as I know, yes you should just add them like you are adding them to the original base game.

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On 2/16/2016 at 02:44, Mat said:

As far as I know, yes you should just add them like you are adding them to the original base game.

Actually, Mat, adding them to the base game was as simple as running the file with RCT2.Exe, This Does not work with ORCT2, and so you would need to add the seperate files to RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 > ObjData. However, sometimes this will work when opening a park with the "Export objects" checked.


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Save Game CS

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I take it that site is nearly impossible to find now since, you know, Roller Coaster Tycoon World is going to be the fourth game in the series. We don't speak of the others. On another note, why can't we strike through?

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Bumping topic but Rct2 objects list is now virus link.(Sacrificed myself :D)

Just warning.

RCTSpace turned to  malicious too.

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7 hours ago, canercetin said:

Bumping topic but Rct2 objects list is now virus link.(Sacrificed myself :D)

Just warning.

RCTSpace turned to  malicious too.

RCT2 Objects list, yes, but it doesn't look RCTSpace is affected.

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