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Open RCT2 Community Scenarios packs

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I agree with this idea, but the fact that WW/TT is completely ignored I do not...There are people out there who play with these extra sets and I'm one of them. Excluding people who own those extra discs for the game should not be ignored.

I'm already working on an improved version of my Titanic-Scenario wich I want to upload here when it's done (I already uploaded a standard version of the scenario, in the store-section, but that one is really ugly when compared to the latest version. Nevertheless it took me almost one year to build that very first version). The new scenario (from my pictures) needs WW/TT.

I tried to edit it and took all the WW/TT stuff out of it with OpenRCT2, but when I opened it up in the standard RCT2 version the game chrashed within minutes so I think the scenario works together with the .exe file that has both WW/TT installed. I can't re-create this scenario in standard RCT2 (and it already took me months of work and effort) because it will take forever to rebuild the entire scenario, so how about making two different scenario packs.

One with the standard RCT2 and one for people who have WW/TT as well...

This is the old version for RCT2 (took me a year to build)


This is the new version for RCT2 + WW/TT (took me 9 months to build and is almost done)

Unless nobody wants it...but that's up to you guys 9_99_99_9

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The idea of not including WW or TT objects is that not everyone has bought these expansion packs (not surprising, as their quality is way below RCT1/AA/LL/RCT2). Though it wouldn't hurt if some scenarios did use WW or TT objects, in my opinion.

As for Erik's scenario: it looks nice. And having a park feature around which the player has to build a park is a concept that RCT1+2 readily used. It would need some interesting terrain and a town of some sort, IMO. And having some sort of theme to the park (water-based?) would be nice.

Having good scenarios in the store and/or in-game is very important in my view. At some point I would want to create an official OpenRCT2 scenario set, with the best user-created scenarios, and an official extended scenery set, with things like roof corner pieces.

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It's worth getting the add on packs if you can as they do open up plenty of new options- yes some of the items in them are a bit kitsch/rubbishy but plenty look really good and there are some quite stunning looking rides too such as the Chinese ship and spider ride, for scenario designing it's well worth it and they're mega cheap now- plenty of ways to get them (steam but get the original games, cheap bargain cds being two options)

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I'd love the ability to have an integrated system to upload and download these.

It might be cool if we could get integration with multiple major services for this (I believe Twitch has such a service, Steam does, as does Curseforge.)  

For Steam it would mean getting a version of OpenRTC2 available on Steam.

It should also be able to download from any multiplayer server you connect to, and the server version should have an (optional) upload/download service for this.

Creating an abstraction for download exchanges that is modular and allows the use of multiple services would be a great benefit to the Game Development community as a whole.  Especially if you can add in achievement handling. 

Ending vendor lock-in requirements on such services while still permitting them to function would be of great interest to Open Source, especially allowing a small sub-module of an abstraction library to handle the API calls to proprietary services, in order to prevent accidental vendor lock-in to those services via dependency.

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