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Moved to openrct2.org

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On 24-11-2015 16:49:03, Broxzier said:

I hope this is the final jump then :P

The homepage still redirects to the .com domain, is this intended?

Yes. It'll be like that until the new site has been finished. Which'll take a while.

11 hours ago, Derf said:

Will it eventually have the same layout? 

What are you referring to?

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On 12/8/2015 at 19:44, JarnoVgr said:

The original .net site didn't look that great in my opinion. Some people really love the retro RCT look. It does fit in some situations in my opinion, but now for a whole website.

Honestly I loved it! It really sets the site apart from other boring forums and was the first thing I was impressed with when I first came to the site upon hearing about it. To each his own though.

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I agree with Derf. This new forum is lacking the RCT2 elements. While I wasn't a big fan of how the menus appeared on the .net website, I think doing simple things like changing the header/footer and background would do a lot already. I hope the forum's software is built flexible enough to allow such changes without it breaking with updates.


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Have a look at this website: http://www.soniczone0.com/misc/about.php

Instead of mimicking the graphics exactly as they look in the game, you can abstract it to more simple flat colours for use on the website. You could for example take a screenshot of the game and try using adding some filters on it and transparency to get something similar to the website above or create your own SVG art.

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