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  1. There is a toggle in the game to switch between using RCT2 to draw all the rides and OpenRCT2 to draw all implemented rides. This makes it very noticeable if OpenRCT2 is not drawing identically the same thing - even if its a few pixels out. The test program we now use also highlights any differences in the calls we make to the paint functions.
  2. I have already written a C# library for connecting to multiplayer servers. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2net/tree/develop/src/OpenRCT2.Network
  3. Have a look at this website: http://www.soniczone0.com/misc/about.php Instead of mimicking the graphics exactly as they look in the game, you can abstract it to more simple flat colours for use on the website. You could for example take a screenshot of the game and try using adding some filters on it and transparency to get something similar to the website above or create your own SVG art.
  4. IntelOrca

    Track store

    Suggestion #1: Add "store / custom content" to the top of the bar for quicker navigation.Suggestion #2: Allow tags so that you can provide a better search (stem the tags for searching). This would be useful if you are looking for a certain theme - not everything fits in the description and words in the description can pollute the search.Suggestion: #3: Track store APIE.g.GET /api/tracks?search=snow[ { name: "Siberian Snowstorm", author: elzix, image: "{base64 384x384 png}", stats: { excitement: 9.30, intensity: 5.60, nausea: 3.90, length: 1060, columns: 33, rows: 9, price: 27910 } }, ...]Then eventually it can be integrated into OpenRCT2 allowing players to quickly find a track to suit the theme of their park and place it without even losing focus of the game or park.
  5. This also an issue for those that want to use Steam Overlay. We will eventually add the option to re-feed the software rendered graphics via OpenGL or DirectX and maybe later even render the graphics completely on the GPU.
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