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A few ideas (that haven't been suggested yet).


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I am a regular player of RCT2 and when I came across OpenRCT, it was EXACTLY what I wanted.Like in 8cars, is it possible to make certain track a lift? You could use the "Alternative Colour Scheme 1" like 8 cars does and convert the track into a lift.This could help to create Vertical Lifts and lifts similar to G Force at Drayton Manor.Another idea is to have beyond 90 degree drops. (Like a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter). Is this possible, and if so, will it be after the full decomposition of the game.Another idea is to have saxaphone elements (i.e. S&S Screamin' Squirrels).There is a way of doing it but it involves using a multi-dimensional rollercoaster. My idea is to make one similar to the RCT3 Inverted WIld Mouse (if not, make the loop from normal down to inverted, smaller somehow).That is all my ideas for now; really looking forward to the finished product.Thanks for your time for reading this.Coastercrazy234.

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8cars doesn't work on OpenRCT because memory is different (you probably already found out). The function to merge tracks is already in the game, look for cheats in the options menu, enable it and you should have two cogs in your toolbar in the game. Select disable clearance checks there and you can merge rides by building through the other ride.

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is it possible to make certain track a lift?I'm not sure about this one. I think that when you save the track and then build it again it won't work. If it's possible then it's probably easier to enable the lift icon while building the track at any time.beyond 90 degree dropsThis would require more sprites, and also breaks compatibility with the original rct2. This will be a lot of work to make, but is possible when the game is not dependent on rct2.exe anymore. Probably gets a low priority though.I don't really get what you mean with the ideas after this.
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I am not intending to save the track, I have many merged coasters that work successfully (I am not intending to save them).For a standard B&M twister with a steep lift I merge the B&M twister with the vertical drop coaster lift.So yea... vertical lifts will be awesome!For the screaming squirrel (or saxophone element) use this link: http://cache.rcdb.com/l6a10001k1rgr28006ejoo.jpg

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