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Where Is the Windows Development Build Download?

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Good evening.


Am I just missing something right in my face, or does [url=https://www.openrct2.org/downloads/develop/latest]the Development Build download page lack a Windows option[/url]?




This is what it looks like on my screen. There used to be a Windows Portable Download for both sixty-four bit and thirty-two bit installations. I downloaded the former, but it's not there anymore.

Am I just missing something, or was something changed?




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The automatic windows build failed and therefore didn't get uploaded. It is just a single build that failed, but no new pull requests were merged in the last two days. It is possible to download the artifacts of any successful build, but I don't know how. The release build also still works.

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Sorry, but I have to say, if your current build is working and playable, why jump up and down about any updates.

This entire project is being done by people in their own spare time, as far as I'm aware, they don't get paid to do it, they don't have a "Patreon" page, at least some would have jobs and families.

Maybe to you "it ain't rocket science" but to probably the majority of us it may as well be.

Do you understand what's what with all this ? If so, why not ease off on the sarcasm and complaining, and offer them some assistance ?

I apologise if this is considered rude or inappropriate.

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