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What are these rides?

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Lots of flat rides - and four that I've never seen; Hook's and Neptune's Haunted Houses, The gentle minibikes (eager to see what these are) and Brian's place (which cracks me up). On one hand, four unique rides out of twelve makes me wonder where your fishing hole is. I have been working on collecting custom objects, rides, paths, etc. Seeing "new to me" files like these makes me want to dig and see if there is more.

On the other hand, only two of these rides have movement - and even then, the sprites are limited as the rides are simple. 10 of the rides are motionless flat rides that take all the effort of making large scenery. Brian"s place (still - cracks me up) is a good example of how easy it is to make a crappy looking flat ride with minimal effort. But, to the credit of the original maker, at least they didn't use repurposed objects from other games with different isometric standards. Flat rides - especially the motionless ones - are easy to make and you will find a lot of them. I appreciate you sharing.

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On 13/10/2022 at 12:01, OddmentsAlchemyLab said:

I finally dropped this into a park and it's actually pretty cool. It's a carousel with carved motorcycles in place of the horses. The bikes move on the turntable and aside from some coloring issues, it's a very nice, unique looking ride.


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