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Add "Construction Cost" to a ride's Income & Costs screen?


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Would it be possible to program a line item into each ride's "income and costs" tab to show the ride's initial construction costs?

As it currently stands, the game's "Total Profit" measurement is misleading, because it doesn't account for how expensive a ride was to build. Adding a measure of the initial construction costs would allow players to see when their rides break even, as well as which rides were really the best investments for the park.

It also looks like there's currently room in the window. (Attached)

Just something I've always wished was in the game, and OpenRCT2 does such an amazing job of making those features come true! Thanks!

Construction Costs Tab.png

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Welcome to a great revitalisation of a great game.

I know what you're asking (I'm NOT one of the devs), but wouldn't the financial report give what you're after ?

The top line give ride construction costs for each week progressively. And for pre-built rides most have the base construction cost in with the other basic info about that particular layout.

Again, welcome to this little corner of the internet.  :)


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Appreciate the suggestion! But as you probably know, the financial report does not specify nor tally the final cost for a single ride. You run into a few problems when trying to calculate the cost of a ride from the financial report:

1) It lumps all construction spending together, so if you build multiple rides in a month there’s no way to differentiate. 
2) If construction lasts more than a month, then the costs blur together. 
3) As your park progresses, you’d have to remember the exact month and year that you built each ride. 

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