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Bitdefender quarantined a virus just now in an update

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As it says, just a few minutes ago and update got quarantined due to "Gen:Variant.Tedy.125822". This sort of thing hasn't happened to me before. So I currently can't play the game. It may be nothing but then again it may not.

I'll see what happens with the next update.

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Make the title less overexcited
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I actually didn't DO anything, as I couldn't find anywhere in Bitdefender to tell it OpenRCT2 is a good guy. That specific update got quarantined, and even telling it to restore the file wouldn't work. The next update and all since have had no issues. I'm not saying that that file was an issue, but there is always a chance these days that something can go wrong. Please don't brush this off as an "eye roll". I have had no other issues with updates, it's been a once-of occurrence so far.

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  • Gymnasiast changed the title to Bitdefender quarantined a virus just now in an update
2 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

It doesn’t hurt to check with us, certainly. Better safe than sorry. But your topic title was a bit... let’s say “overexcited”. Anyway, I know you well enough to understand you did this to be helpful. 🙂

Thanks for that. In my defence it was literally the first time Bitdefender has reacted at all to OpenRCT2, so yes, I overreacted. :) Maybe less exclamation points if it happens again.  :) 

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