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10 hours ago, jensj12 said:

OpenRCT2 already loads RCT1 saves and scenarios to the point they are and play nearly identical. There is no need for OpenRCT1.

Could this project have been simply named OpenRCT in that case ? It's something I've wondered about for quite awhile.

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OpenRCT2's internal systems are based on the RCT2 systems. In particular, OpenRCT2 can load objects just like RCT2 and extended that to handle even more types of objects. Still there's also a naming argument to make. OpenRCT could either refer to RCT1 (but it's more related to RCT2) or to all RCT games, but it definitely is not RCT3/4/W and will never be. (Open)RCT2 could always emulate RCT1, it just does that a lot better now.

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