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Some "errors" to correct in future versions

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I've found some "errors" in the game, that cause that the game is completely unrealistic.

- Guests ignore the vertical G's. You can build a coaster with a drop from a very high height into a vertical loop, so you have 20+ vertical G's, but the ride stats is still okay, and the guests come out alive and happy.

- ALL guests can't swim. Of course, in reality some people also cannot swim...but only SOME people.

- ALL guests obey the "No Entry" signs. It would be more realistic, if a few guests - perhaps 0,5 or 1 % - would ignore them.

- People always come alone into the park. In reality, this doesn't really happen. They come with friends, family, a travel group or a school class.

Perhaps, these errors can be written on the "To Do List" a future version of OpenRCT2....

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(Open)RCT2 is a game, not a realistic simulation. Adding realism is not necessarily bad, but it has to fit in the game.

  1. The penalty for deadly G-forces could indeed be increased, but one has to think of the blocky structure of the game, sometimes making it impossible to increase the slope gently enough to keep the G's reasonable (especially with vertical drop coaster).
  2. Theoretically possible, but requires a lot of work (both guest sprites and swimming logic). After all these years, many players expect peeps to drown and make fun of it. Changing that is very unlikely.
  3. In reality, places guests are not allowed to go are well-hidden and/or locked. Guests don't go there, maybe one guest a year (or one in a million). Won't happen (maybe as plugin, if that's possible).
  4. Not gonna happen, would require as much work as making a new game.
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Those things mentioned certainly aren't "errors" in my opinion. I forget when RCT was originally released, but it was certainly before complex AIs for games were around, let alone useable in this type of game.

There's a lot of things I think are missing or could be different in the game, but I for one wouldn't consider their lack as errors. But then, that's just my opinion.

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