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OpenRCT2 Launcher

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Gday All,

I know the launcher is an independent project, and not a part of the OpenRCT2 project. Does the person who created it look in here occasionally ?

It's just that there are times when the launcher just sits with the "Play" button greyed out and doing nothing else. I have no idea if this is it having trouble connecting to the update server or what.

It's not too frequent, but still occurs.

Does anybody else have this happen ?     Launcher Version: 0.0.7 x64

It usually sorts itself out in a few hours, but today it's been like this for most of the day.

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It happens when there’s a new build published, but the build for your platform isn’t ready yet. Especially the windows builds are known to be slow. If you want to play, just close the launcher and launch the game directly (I think it’s located somewhere in documents/OpenRCT2/bin, but I can’t check right now).

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