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Guests won't ride covered outdoor rides when it is raining

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I wouldn't call it a "bug", more of an old and fairly simplistic AI. I suspect the game would require a MAJOR overhaul if things like that were to be addressed. I'm not a coder by the way. It's always been like that, it has never made sense to me either.  :)  You people are NOT in the rain !!   :)


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I noticed this issue on "Thunderstorm Park" in RCT1's Added Attractions where it specifically makes use of underground rides for the scenario.

The description of the park is:


The weather is so wet here that a giant pyramid has been built to allow some rides to be built under cover

While this bug exists, the giant pyramid in the centre is kind of redundant in that scenario lol.


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I agree it's a bit silly, but I wouldn't call it a "bug". Given what the more knowledgeable here have said, and given the age of the game, I'd put it down to the simplistic (compared to now) programming of the game. The same as my peeve with the "Guests are getting lost or stuck" when it takes more than a certain amount of time for them to find what they're looking for. Even when you have park maps everywhere and use the cheat to give everyone a map.  :)

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