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Bug: Cannot relocate a shop properly

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Operating System - windows 10,64-bit
OpenRCT2, v0.3.4.1 (eba2041 on develop) 


I encounter a bug when rebuilding/relocateing a stall/shop. The stall/shop cannot be demolished in the first step and I can only choose a new location to build the stall. However the original shop stays. Therefore 2 identical shops are built. When I demolish the new shop, the old shop is also demolished.

You could find the saved file, as well as the screenshots in sequenece below. Thank you!

Six Flags shop bug.sv6








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10 hours ago, ExCrafty said:

I had the same thing happen over the weekend (my time). It only happened once and hasn't since. I have no idea why, but I'd be interested to know what happened.  :)

The problem still presists for me today. Not sure if it's related to the new patch of update. 

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I can replicate this too. Here is a quick video showing the issue. I managed to duplicate 4 shops before it gave an error. Then deleting any one of the shops removes them all. Each shop will bring up the same window and not a new window for each shop.

EDIT: Game Version: V0.3.4.1(,debug) (linux x86-64)



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13 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

You are using the "demolish ride" button to duplicate the stall. That is the only bug i see in your video, you shouldn't be able to do that in the first place.

Yes that is the issue we are explaining.

I am pressing the Construction button in order to modify the shop. Then the only option is to demolish the shop in order to relocate it, but the original shop does not get demolished, resulting in duplicates.

The demolish button should remove the first instance of the shop so you can then relocate it to a new location.


EDIT: I just updated the game and it seems to be fixed on initial inspection.

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