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  1. I assume there is meant to be text in this giant window that opened when I launched the game after updating it?
  2. Yes that is the issue we are explaining. I am pressing the Construction button in order to modify the shop. Then the only option is to demolish the shop in order to relocate it, but the original shop does not get demolished, resulting in duplicates. The demolish button should remove the first instance of the shop so you can then relocate it to a new location. EDIT: I just updated the game and it seems to be fixed on initial inspection.
  3. You have too much stuff selected. Remove some you don't need in order to enable the ones you do want. I know its hard to cherry pick the stuff you want because you want all of it lol I think in the distant future they will remove these limits, but it will take a lot of work to accomplish, so we are in for a long wait. I would love to be able to have everything available at the same time too.
  4. The items you are looking for are in the scenery tab. (providing its available in the scenario you are playing) Just select the item and hover your mouse on the ground where you want it, then hold shift and move mouse forward to raise it to the desired height. Click to place item. Watching the video I posted will give you all the controls needed to make placing scenery easier.
  5. As I haven't seen the videos you are referring to I am just guessing, but I think they are just picking a scenery item from the menu and placing it in the park. There are some supports in the scenery if the scenario you are playing has them. If that's not the case then please provide more info This is a good video for learning scenery placing tips
  6. I can replicate this too. Here is a quick video showing the issue. I managed to duplicate 4 shops before it gave an error. Then deleting any one of the shops removes them all. Each shop will bring up the same window and not a new window for each shop. EDIT: Game Version: V0.3.4.1(,debug) (linux x86-64) 2021-10-18 13-10-48.mp4
  7. In options on the tab with the gears, tick cheats. Then you will see a new button with a spade on it in the game.
  8. Thanks for the very helpful info, Those files don't seem to be there. I extracted the main game again into a new folder and I still can't seem to find them. I'm wondering if I should try installing the disks with wine again instead. I have a feeling I will be able to point Openrct2 at the wine folder now I don't have the broken version of Openrct2. What do you recommend? EDIT: I installed the base game via wine and found a heap of audio files, more than listed above. I copied them all over and it seems to have fixed it. I have no idea why unshield didn't extract them. The only audio file unshield extracted was CSS2.DAT. Anyway it seems to be good now, though I haven't fully tested everything, but the dodgems has its iconic beats now at least. Thanks once again!
  9. The nostalgia is great! I love it! Shame the ride music isn't working though. I guess the music files didn't come across. So maybe I didn't do it quite right. All the other games sounds seem to be there though.
  10. Awesome, thanks that extracted something this time. On the left is the base game folder, and on the right is the wacky worlds expansion. I believe Gymnasiast said I have to add the files with the same names together? EDIT: I think I did it! I copied the stuff from the three folders and pasted it into the corresponding folders in the base game. Thank you so much! I think I will leave the rct1 install for another time, it's taken me 3 days to get this installed. Man that was a challenge.
  11. Thanks for the reply. This is the contents of the disk before I try and extract it if that will help get the right command to type?
  12. owner@owner-fast:~$ unshield -g Minimum -d "/home/owner/programs/rct2ww" x "/media/owner/RCT2_WW_EU/data1.hdr" Cabinet: /media/owner/RCT2_WW_EU/data1.hdr File group: Minimum -------- ------- 0 files owner@owner-fast:~$ cp -R "$INSTALLDIR/Data/" "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum/Data" cp: cannot stat '/Data/': No such file or directory owner@owner-fast:~$ mv "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum" "$EXTRACTDIR/RCT2" I tried extracting the wacky worlds disk to a separate folder as above but nothing happened, and as I have no clue what anything in the command means I am basically just guessing what needs to be done in order to extract the files. I'm unsure if I should extract to the same folder as the base game as I don't know if it will overwrite the existing files in there. So I thought I should extract it to a separate folder first before copying the files to the base game folder. Where did I go wrong?
  13. Sorry I'm not sure how to do that, I can't figure out how to extract the wacky worlds disk at all. Do I use unshield to extract it to the same folder as the base game, and what commands do I need to do that? I tried using the same command as the base game only changing the file path to the CD but it gave me a meaningless error. Would be nice if Openrct2 would just ask you to point it to the CD and it took the files it wanted and copied them to where ever it needed them. This is really not easy to figure out on Linux if you are just a casual user and not computer literate. Sorry for being clueless and thanks for putting up with my constant questions.
  14. Awesome thanks, I will give that a try once I have figured out how to install the wacky worlds expansion. I tried to extract wacky worlds to a separate folder using the same command as the base game, only changing the file paths, but I don't know what I'm doing and not surprisingly it didn't work. I have no idea where to extract the files, and I'm just guessing at this point. Thanks for all the help though, I would have given up if it wasn't for you guys
  15. Thanks, I did uninstall it from the software manager and installed it again from the terminal. I also removed and extracted the files from the disk again without modifying the command as was suggested above. This time I was able to browse to the folder without an issue, and the game loaded! Now I just need to figure out how to install the wacky worlds expansion, as I can't see any instructions on how to do that. Thanks for all the help I'm feeling less stressed now EDIT I also have rct1 on disk that would be good to install too, are there any instructions on how to install that and the wacky world expansion pack too?
  16. Originally I installed Openrct2 from the software manager in Linux Mint, but have since entered the command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openrct2/nightly sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install openrct2 I entered which openrct2 in to the terminal and it gave me nothing (see screenshot rct26) The screenshot also shows that Openrct2 is installed in the menu and clicking on it shows (screenshot rct27) then it shows me (screenshot rct28) so I select the top option and it gives me the useless windows where I can't pick any location. (see first screen shot in this thread) If I select the bottom option it does let me browse to the location, but it tells me its not the gog version. At this point I think I should just remove everything and start over. What's the best way to remove the files I extracted from the CD? just delete the folder? or is there a command? Should I uninstall Openrct2 from the software manager too? Then install it again from the terminal?
  17. Thanks once again, I have no idea about the technical commands. I'm just blindly entering commands hoping for the best at this point. What I don't understand is why Openrct2 won't let me browse to files in my home folder from the windows it provides. I tried entering the set file path command in the terminal again but it still won't recognize the command either. owner@owner-fast:~$ openrct2 set-rct2 "/home/owner/programs/rct2" openrct2: command not found owner@owner-fast:~$ openrct2 set-rct2 /home/owner/programs/rct2 openrct2: command not found EDIT: I have the Gold Edition retail CD that has the wacky worlds expansion on a second disk if that helps.
  18. after extracting using unshield it said this owner@owner-fast:~$ cp -R "$INSTALLDIR/Data/" "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum/Data" cp: cannot stat '/Data/': No such file or directory owner@owner-fast:~$ mv "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum" "$EXTRACTDIR/RCT2" looking at what was extracted afterwards, it doesn't look anything like the files that were there when I installed it with wine. I can't find the rct2.exe either. Man this is so hard to figure out. Thanks for your help though, I would love to be able to play this game again.
  19. I copied the folder to my home folder and its not showing up. See my first picture posted. The home folder shows nothing until I tick the show hidden files option, then it only shows me .var and .local it doesn't show me any of my files at all. ok, so I will uninstall the game from wine and try extracting using unshield again. I'm not a pro with the terminal at all, so what should I enter into the terminal? originally I entered Original command unshield -g Minimum -d "/home/owner/programs/rct2" x "/media/owner/SCREENBEAM/data1.hdr" cp -R "$INSTALLDIR/Data/" "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum/Data" mv "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum" "$EXTRACTDIR/RCT2" modified command? unshield -d "/home/owner/programs/rct2" x "/media/owner/SCREENBEAM/data1.hdr" cp -R "$INSTALLDIR/Data/" "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum/Data" mv "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum" "$EXTRACTDIR/RCT2" I am not sure this will work either as when it asks me to point it to the files there is nothing showing in the home folder to select. (as in my first screen shot) but maybe the terminal command "openrct2 set-rct2 /path/to/folder" will work.
  20. Yes, I can find them when searching or browsing to them from the normal file explorer, but the file explorer window that Openerct2 opens is different and isn't allowing me to pick from the whole SSD. Where does Openrct2 want to files to be? clearly it doesn't like where they currently are for some reason.
  21. Thanks, but sadly this did not work either owner@owner-fast:~$ set-rct2 "/home/owner/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Infogrames/RollerCoaster Tycoon 2" set-rct2: command not found owner@owner-fast:~$ openrct2 set-rct2 "/home/owner/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Infogrames/RollerCoaster Tycoon 2" openrct2: command not found As Openrct2 has a Linux version I assume getting the game to run on Linux is possible? Its weird that if I start Openrct2 via the menu icon it prompts me to pick the install location by browsing to the location on my SSD, but it won't let me access the whole SSD to get to the location. As you see from the file path its in my home/owner/.wine folder but there is nothing shown in this folder other than .var and .local I had to show hidden files just to be able to see them. Its the same deal if I pick other locations. It never shows me the .wine folder anywhere I look. This is so confusing. Thank for trying to help
  22. Ok well as this isn't working I installed the game via WINE, but openrct2 wont let me browse to the folder where WINE installed it. I have unhidden the files and it just wont let me browse to the location. I tried setting the location via the terminal but it just gives an error. set-rct2 /home/owner/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Infogrames/RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(' How is this meant to work on Linux?
  23. https://openrct2.org/quickstart/extract-rct2-files/linux I simply don't understand how to get the file paths needed to extract the game files from the retail CD on Linux Mint. The instructions say Retail CD version If you have the retail installer, you'll need unshield to extract it. There may be a package available for your distribution, or build from source (grab the source from the link, then run cmake . && make). Once you have unshield, run the following commands, replacing PATH-TO-EXTRACT-FILES-TO and INSTALLER-LOCATION appropriately. unshield -g Minimum -d "PATH-TO-EXTRACT-FILES-TO" x "INSTALLER-LOCATION/data1.hdr" cp -R "$INSTALLDIR/Data/" "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum/Data" mv "$EXTRACTDIR/Minimum" "$EXTRACTDIR/RCT2" I have unshield installed and when I tried putting what I thought the file paths were into the terminal it only extracted 117MB of data to the folder then gave me an error. I have looked for a video tutorial and searched for info, but I'm stumped. Does this even work on Linux or should I just give up? There is also no mention on how to extract the expansion pack files either. I can download Open RCT2 from the Linux mint software manager, so I assume it works on Linux, but I haven't got that far yet, as I can't figure out how to get the files extracted from the CD. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks :)
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