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Importing RCT1 train types


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Just something that I'd like to return to RCT2; some of the train types from RCT1. Granted, they're a bit lower in detail and don't look right on certain track pieces, but it's for the sake of nostalgia.

  • Classic Mini Coaster Ladybird and Spinning trains.
  • Original Looping Coaster trains.
  • Original Wooden Coaster trains.
  • Awesome 1
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1 hour ago, Fred-104 said:

 Oh, and speaking of that, shouldn't the mini suspended coaster cars be able to go up to 3 cars per train like in RCT1?

I would make the RCT1 version of the car have the RCT1 limits and leave the RCT2 version as it is. All of these rides are single car IRL.

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