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OpenRct2 for Android


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Hey can we get open rct2 ported for android?

like rct2 classic? (But Better?) some of my my parks from openrct2 wont work at all,

they just crash when i try to load, if i use the cheat functions

rct2 classic is picky on what you set a arbitrary ride mode to,

Rct2classic is starting to crash like the original version did

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On 15/01/2021 at 22:32, bna210 said:

Hey can we get open rct2 ported for android?

It actually already is. But due to the interface being difficult to use on touchscreen, most people prefer Classic on mobile.

On 15/01/2021 at 22:32, bna210 said:

some of my my parks from openrct2 wont work at all

Although OpenRCT2 currently still uses the same file format as vanilla RCT2, it adds a few new features that are not available in the original game (or Classic). In addition, the code has more sanity checks, so some hacks that are commonly used in OpenRCT2 will crash vanilla (or Classic). If you want your OpenRCT2 park to work in RCT Classic, here are the major things you need to avoid (may not be an exhaustive list):

  • Corrupt Elements
  • Invisible entrances
  • Use of track elements not available in vanilla - this includes steep slopes on the junior coaster, inversions on the giga coaster, and boosters on any ride type that doesn't have them in Classic (note that if you want your park to work with vanilla RCT2 as well, then you can't use boosters at all).
  • Use of unavailable track elements. In OpenRCT2, if you build a looping coaster (for example) and then change it to giga coaster using the arbitrary ride type cheat, the loops will be invisible, but still function. In vanilla RCT2/Classic, this will (generally) crash the game. Arbitrary ride types, in general, is fine to use but be careful of this when using it.
  • The hybrid and single rail coaster types.
  • Any of the RCT1 content (which I think is just the land/wall textures at the moment, but might include the vehicle types in the future).
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