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  1. Ok i installed it to the correct folder, how do i Activate it? nothing shows up. installed several plugins besides this one
  2. 1 Is there a way to make the cheat window remember what cheats you used in your saved game? or every time you play the game? i hate re enabling cheats every time i load a saved game, 2 can we get a auto enable function for the Set guest Parameters, like some of the old rct2 trainers had? so you dont repeatedly have to make guests happy every few mins after you activate them
  3. Hey can we get open rct2 ported for android? like rct2 classic? (But Better?) some of my my parks from openrct2 wont work at all, they just crash when i try to load, if i use the cheat functions rct2 classic is picky on what you set a arbitrary ride mode to, Rct2classic is starting to crash like the original version did
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