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Latest Dev Version BUG

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After an update litterily less than an hour ago.

Building a LIM Launched coaster, during test run, the train stopped while the rest of the game keeps running. There's no track issues, and I don't use any mods, the only "cheats" I use are the vehicle limits and build while paused.

Hope this is a simple fix, and/or explanation.


Just tried removing both the loops and that appears to remove the problem. Could it be an issue with that track piece ?

Steel Nerves 2020-09-03 09-30-01.png

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26 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

The loopings were recently changed to have bigger hitboxes. The train might hit the back of itself. Does the problem disappear if you shorten the train or add additional trains?

I'll try tomorrow (it's 21:55 here). I hope it's not a big problem. I don't know what a "hitbox" is anyway.  :/

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Just now, ExCrafty said:

I'll try tomorrow (it's 21:55 here). I hope it's not a big problem. I don't know what a "hitbox" is anyway.  :/

The hitbox is the box used for collision testing. Making it larger means the game may register collisions where it didn't before - in any case, this is clearly a bug. Note that you can report bugs here.

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I can't reproduce the fault now.

Thought I'd have a go before bed.  :)

I tried 3 car trains up to 36 car, but it all ran smoothly. Even a various launch speeds from 53kph up to max 111kph (I think it was).

Maybe it was something I did. If it reoccurs should I report it again ?

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I can reproduce it, but only if it has exactly 10 cars and only if the vehicle has a certain speed (entering the looping with minimum possible speed to make it through works). As expected, the ride runs smoothly with more than 1 train. #12851

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