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Customized Color (RGB Color mixer)


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This is my first post on this forum. I don't know if someone already suggested this idea or if this is a place to suggest or convey new idea(s). But judging from it's name, I guess this is the right place.

First thing first, customized color. Is it possible to add RGB color mixer (like in Parkitect) on top of the preset colors? Preset color that we've all been using for eon is nice. But now I feel 24 preset colors is not enough anymore. Sure 2 shed of orange is nice, but sometimes you want something in the middle. Or you want to use teal color on orange-water scenario. RGB Color mixer would solve this nicely, if it isn't contain by coding and/or engine (or any of the smart stuff I totally have no clue about). Ability to save RGB code for a color and color picker would be even nicer.

Example of RGB color mixer from Paint


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The game uses 8 bit indexed color, not RGB. You can use a custom palette (i.e change the set of available colors), but you can't have more than 256 colors on screen. In order to implement an RGB color picker you'd need to change all the drawing code to work with RGB images. I have no idea what that would take but it wouldn't be an easy task.

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On 07/08/2020 at 12:14, Boatcommando said:

There are colors that are already in a game but you can't paint it on a ride

There are but not any of the ones you show. Those can all appear on ride sprites. There are a few special colors used for things like brakes, peeps, and water, but there are few of them and there aren't enough shades for it to work as a general remap color. What might be useful is to expose the primary remap colors (which currently never actually appear in game), though I don't know technically how hard this would be.

2 hours ago, NightHawk said:

I'd second this. If possible, have all 256 colors selectable.

That doesn't work, you need to have shading. Currently, the palette contains 12 shades of each (paintable) color, and that corresponds to 3 color options in game. So already, when you select darker or lighter shades the range of shades becomes compressed.

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