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Guests stop before traintrack and never move

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While playing with a friend, I noticed guests weren't moving over a trackpiece (while walking on a path that goes through the track). They never begin to walk again no matter how long it has been since the train has passed or would arrive.
The image below shows 2 groups of people with around the same number of guests. The left can walk through the track, the right stops forever despite no train arriving.
I haven't been able to recreate it with another track design.

I saved the train design and a scenario, which can be viewed here:

Track design .td6
Track in a scenario .sv6

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I am able to recreate the problem.  I had a small loop railroad (Miniature RR 1), tested it and the peeps stopped and proceeded (on the first crossing after the station).  I then expanded the railroad to include another stop.  I tested it and the peeps stopped and did not proceed (on the same crossing).  When I clicked on Construction for that ride, they proceeded.  I have both scene proceeding and not proceeding saved.

The original where it works is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13hdy1j47_CfJxjYdt08NKstDTCPiui7X/view?usp=sharing

The modified track with the crossing failure is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vGSl7mwoicm-BcZPzl2oxB3nAVjD_0iN/view?usp=sharing


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On 21/02/2020 at 15:45, jessicajones said:


The developers don't even read there. They add a label to the issue and put in the 'forget hole'...


All my bugs posted there, not even 1 is solved.


Yes they do read it. I read your issues and I saw that you had received comments on several of them and there is in fact a pending PR for the snow you requested. You cannot expect every bug you report to be fixed immediately, especially when it pertains to the Android version - the developers have limited time and must prioritise issues. Also, if you go around insulting people they won't want to help you. Either fix it yourself or be patient.

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