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Wildly different intensity/excitement stats for the exact same roller coaster

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Top window is from the original RCT2, bottom window is from OpenRCT2.

The coaster is a suspended swinging coaster using swinging floorless cars instead of regular suspended swinging cars. The coaster design is one of the official pre-built ones.

The reason I think it's a bug is because it's the exact same coaster from the exact same save file, yet OpenRCT2's behaviour in this case diverged greatly from that of the original RCT2 for no discernible reason. The park used is from the empty "Build your own Six Flags Park" scenario. I'm running Windows 10 1903, and OpenRCT2 version 0.2.3-4170255.

I've attached the save file.


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Coincidentally, a fix has just been merged to address what looks like your problem. Try updating OpenRCT2 to see if it fixes your problem.

(Do note that OpenRCT2's ratings sometimes differ, but that should normally only happen for extreme cases and underflow exploits.)

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I can confirm that with the latest version the stats are different. Just checked with a version from a few days ago and the currently latest version (77f1905). The stats are slightly different however:

  • Excitement 7.55 (0.17 lower)
  • Intensity 9.18 (0.01 lower)
  • Nausea 10.47 (same as vanilla)
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