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Booster pieces & track type changes

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I've encountered an issue regarding booster tracks:
I'm building a twister coaster that is supposed to be changed into a water/junior coaster through arbitrary track type changes. However this seems to disable the booster (in case of the water coaster track), and the speed of the booster piece of the junior coaster is unfortunatly capped at 53 kph. Any chance that booster pieces with high speed caps could be enabled for both coaster types?

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If the boosters are disabled, you can only change it by changing the ride type. Booster strength depends on the ride type, and a strength of 0 means they are disabled (for twister coaster they are a bit stronger than others). You may be able to get around the cap by disabling ride operation limits through the cheat menu (if you can't find it, first enable it in the options, then look for a golden shovel in-game).

Note: devs may be willing to change it for the water coaster (has happened to other coaster types as well), just create an issue on GitHub.

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track type -> ride type
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3 hours ago, F0ndue said:

Any chance that booster pieces with high speed caps could be enabled for both coaster types?


It's not that the game implements a cap on booster speeds - it's that there's a finite number of possible settings (IIRC it's a 5 bit value, so 32 possible settings), and the same booster speed setting will be interpreted as different speeds depending on the ride type. You'll notice that on the ride types that allow faster boosters, the increment between them becomes larger.

In principle it would be possible to increase the maximum booster speed on the junior coaster but this would be a non-backward compatible change. A new save format would remove the limit entirely, but it's a long way off.

For now, if you want faster boosters than the junior coaster offers, you have to use a different ride type. But you can still use junior coaster track - it's the ride type that matters. Just make the ride a twister coaster and then merge onto junior coaster track. You can then make the station invisible and build junior coaster track over the top with zero clearance, so the whole thing looks like junior coaster track but still behaves as a Twister.

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